The exhibition “Kutiyurism” by the contemporary Russian artist J. Couture
in the cult art gallery “Nevsky 8” on March 2 will be the opening of the exhibition of contemporary artist Yuri Kutyur “Kutyur’s Wolrd”.
Yuri Couture is a bright representative of a new generation of artists, whose work is aimed at reflecting the aesthetic side of modern life. His work is always filled with color and positive and resemble colorful medieval stained glass windows. The author writes both graphic works and works done with oil on canvas in the style of Gothic Art Nouveau – on the brink of modern and retrospective. He skillfully combines plastic static through elongated shapes of silhouettes, laconic composition with the dynamics of fantastic ornaments. The works of Yuri Couture are decorated with private collections of the USA, Australia, Germany, France and Finland. His avant-garde patchwork became an icon of contemporary art in St. Petersburg.

The effectiveness of the artist’s paintings at the exhibition Kutyur’s Wolrd is concluded in the color accuracy and complexity. The artistic power lies precisely in the plans with which Couture arranges the compositions of his paintings.

Looking at the volumes of flowers written by him, slipping along the expressive artistic lines of the background, literally plunging into the deep space of each line, we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a world culture that does not tire of singing about love with the voices of the best poets and paints of the most sincere painters.