Yuri KutYur (Yury Kutlugildin)

Honored artist, he belongs to a new generation of Artists whose creations reflect the present day life in its full diversity and dynamic. The artist spent his childhood in the Ukraine and Bashkiria (Sibai). Once having visited Saint-Petersburg, he decided to stay, received an art education, and already for 17 years he’s been living and creating his works in this city. Now graphic works and paintings of the artist are being exhibited in galleries of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Many of his works can be found in private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Finland and Luxemburg. Artist works in the style of gothic modern, on the verge of the modern and the retrospective. His art is characterized by a blend of contemporary oil painting, elongated forms and gothic symbolism, austerity of composition and afocus on ornament and clothes details. His paintings are as colorful, bright and radiant as medieval stained glasses. The mask – like faces are full of light sorrow over lost innocence, tries to escape the hustle of the transient life, turning to the eternal.

Yuri kutyur

KutYur (Kutlugildin Yuri) was born on December 10, 1979. in the city of Mirny, Sakha Republic, Yakutia. He spent his childhood in Ukraine. In 1983, together with his family moved to Bashkortostan Sibai, where in 1987 – 93 he received a music education[2], 1994 – 1996 he studied at the art school, then entered Magnitogorsk State University, at the graphic arts faculty. During his studies, Yuri wrote a lot of paintings and graphic works, continues his education at the Russian State Herzen University, the Faculty of Fine Arts. In parallel with his studies he served as an artist in the theater of Nikolay Akimov. After graduating, he receives a master’s degree in the direction of Art. Biography of the creator in creation, demonstrates an example of a deep understanding of masters of different eras and styles, from the Renaissance to the Modernism, from Giotto di Bondone to Amedeo Modigliani. At the same time, it is extremely relevant and modern.

Artist, Life and Work

The author’s style is not confused with any other, it is a skilful cocktail of gothically elongated figures and an exquisite ornamental background. Which at the same time manifest themselves as the protagonist of most of the paintings. He is also emotionally dismissed, as is the calm, meditative image of the artist’s characters, but behind this calmness the deepest impressions are felt. The creator with inimitable elegance conveys emotions not so much as heroes who often introspectively engage in self-contemplation or are statically captured by their own feelings, but rather by the atmosphere of colors, the inner radiance of the pictures, an elegantly minimalistic composition. The author achieves a perfect, intimate insight into the work at the expense of the gracefulness of simple lines and truly magical color work. Gentle azure, soft lilac shades and muted purple, create a subtle color, completely devoid of sentimentality. What distinguishes a good taste from the taste of the barbarian, – but possesses a magical appeal for a look. This is not a variegated multicolored fairground – it is a carefully tested, virtuoso combination of color, light and line, – the three foundations of the master’s work, in which he reached the highest peaks of mastery.

Creativity and Creation

The key, for understanding the work of Yuri himself, is the word harmony harmony, and the creator seeks to spread the harmony of the canvases to the real world. Transfiguring the mood, infecting the beholder with the feeling of pacification of warm peace, and some works are simply and piercingly like Bunin’s prose, talking to the viewer about love. This literary metaphor is by no means accidental, since all the works of the master, all his symbolism, allegory, are an extremely sharp visual story. Absolutely modern and at the same time eternal conversation with the viewer about time, infinity, beauty, feelings, peace and love. Most of the author’s works are in private collections: France, Germany, the Netherlands. Finland, USA, Australia, Switzerland and Luxembourg, but the creator returns to St. Petersburg, where he works and works to this day.

1998 – “Net gellery” St. Petersburg. 2002 – “Absinth Gallery” Saint-Petersburg 2003 – Studio “Renaissance Dekor” 2003 – Gallery “IR-ART”, Moscow 2003 – “Absinth – gallery” Kiev. 2003 – Atrium of the Baltic Complex. 2004 – Gallerie “Chaco” Hamburg, Germany 2004 – Exhibition Hall of the “Petrovsky Fort” Center 2005 – Exhibition Hall Center “City” 2005 – Gallerie “Sol-Art” Saint-Petersburg 2005 – House of the Dutch Church. St. Petersburg. 2006 – Jet-Set Multie Brand 2007 – Gallerie “Heritage” St. Petersburg 2007 – Exhibition Hall “Atlantis”, St. Petersburg. 2007 – Exhibition Hall of the Konstantinovsky Palace 2008 – Decadence club perfomance 2010 – Art Lunch – The Golden Horde 2012 – Art Barrel 2017 – Exhibition “KUTIURISM WORLD” Gallery “Nevsky 8” Ginza