Characterized by a blend of  contemporary painting, elongated forms and gothic symbolism, austerity of composition and focus on ornament and clothes details……

Krawings, sketches, yury kutyur

Without saying a word

Without saying a word, we suddenly find ourselves in the beautiful words that they know everything, but do not say. Just because, when we are faced with a real art, we understand clearly that the words in order to enjoy it, is not needed.

Composite peace

Composite peace

Composite peace is an illusion, and our view suddenly starts to feel a lot of blue air, vibrating solid mass glare, as if to push them out of the plane of the canvas. After all, the artist paints not random household nice interior, and treats them in a way that a piece of the world, captured them in a picturesque film …..

About art

Not every artist can convince the audience that the harmony and beauty are not on the surface of the canvas on which we look, and extend to us, all of a sudden after the artist who gained the gift of sincerity and harmony…..